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Research Facilities at the Department of Biochemistry



3130XL DNA Analyzer

by Applied Biosystems from ThermoFisher is a 16-capillary array DNA Sequencer for Fragment Analysis 

  • DNA fragments are sized by comparison with a standard size marker which is loaded with each sample
  • Fluorescent labeling enables to analysis of many independent PCR products (loci) in the same capillary injection.
  • Applications include Microsatellite analysis, SNP genotyping, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) analysis, Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA), Methylation-specific MLPA

Fragment analysis applications are those in which fluorescent fragments of DNA (produced by PCR using primers designed for a specific experiment) are separated using capillary electrophoresis and sized by comparison to a size standard.

Most fragment analysis applications have simplified workflows—straightforward sample preparation (without the purification required for sequencing samples), ability to multiplex, and applications can all be separated using the same capillary electrophoresis polymer.


What can I do with fragment analysis?

  • Microsatellite (STR) analysis
  • SNP Genotyping
  • Fingerprinting
  • Relative Fluorescence Quantitation

The DNA Sequencing Facility offers Fragment Analysis runs on the ABI 3130XL, a 16-capillary instrument with a 36cm array.

Sample Requirements

Fragment Analysis plates are supplied by the user ready to load on the instrument, i.e. customers complete the PCR reactions using their specific fluorescent labelled dye/s and add the appropriate size standard.


We offer Fragment Analysis runs for a price of £50 per plate for full 96-well plates or £10 per 2-columns (16 samples) for partial plates.

Please contact us for further details.