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Research Facilities at the Department of Biochemistry



We are a fully open-access facility with users from many Cambridge university departments, external academic institutions and industry. While the majority of users come to run experiments in person, we also offer a 'service mode', staff and instrument availability permitting.

Access is initiated through contact with the Facility Manager (Dr Paul Brear, pdb47 at, and usually followed by a meeting with facility staff to discuss the experimental approach, sample requirements, and whether training or supervision is needed. Facility staff can offer advice and troubleshooting as required.


Internal users

For users that have not paid the annual subscription charge, a charge per block of time is made for use of the instruments. Booking of the equipment by the users is done via an electronic booking system which requires a university Raven account. Users may only book time if they have been registered with the Facility and received the proper training.

External users

External users (academic or industrial) are welcome to apply for access.  In this case, please contact the facility manager (Paul Brear, pdb47 at to discuss your requirements.


Crystallisation Plates Charges


Plate cost (incl screen):


Mosquito tips (per 96 drops):


Dragonfly tips


Dragonfly boats

Morpheus additive screen



Hampton additive screen


Fragment screen





External 50%

External 100%


Crystallisation Robotics (hour)





Imager (30 mins)





Plates Incubation (week)





Consultation (hour)