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Research Facilities at the Department of Biochemistry


Biacore T200

by Biacore/GE/Cytiva - surface plasmon resonance instrument for measuring kinetics and binding affinities.

  • 'Label-free' measurement of kon, koff and Kd.
  • Four-channel flow-cell format for pure samples.
  • Sensitivity down to 150 Da.
  • Throughput up to 384-well plate.


by Microcal/GE/Malvern - isothermal titration calorimeter for measuring binding affinities and other thermodynamic parameters.

  • 'Label-free' measurement of Kd, stoichiometry, ΔH, ΔS and ΔCp.
  • Low volume (200 μL cell).
  • (Higher-volume VP-ITC instrument also available.)

Octet Red96

by FortéBio/Sartorius - biolayer interferometry instrument for measuring kinetics and binding affinities.

  • 'Label-free' measurement of konkoff and Kd.
  • Eight detectors in well format for pure and crude samples.
  • Sensitivity down to 350 Da.
  • Throughput up to 96-well plate.
  • Wide choice of pre-immobilised sensors for antibody work.

Refeyn TwoMP

by Refeyn - mass photometry instrument for mass measurement of single molecules in solution by interferometric scattering (iSCAT).

  • 'Label-free', native state measurement of mass in solution.
  • Mass range 30 kDa - 5 MDa.
  • ~60 second measurement, six separate samples per coverslip.
  • Sample concentration 10 pM - 1 μM.
  • Typically 18 μL buffer + 2 μL sample per measurement.


by Beckman - analytical ultracentrifuge for measuring molecular weight, shape and binding affinities.

  • 'Label-free' measurement of sedimentation coefficients, mass, shape and Kd in velocity or equilibrium modes.
  • Detection by absorbance (UV and visible) and/or interference.
  • Interactions across a wide affinity range.
  • Reliable assessment of oligomeric state, composition of complexes, low-level aggregates.


by Wyatt - chromatography system with light scattering for size determination.

  • 'Label-free' measurement of molar mass and size.
  • ÄKTA Purifier chromatography system for separation of solutes (Superdex 75 or 200 10/300 Increase columns available).
  • Detection by multi-angle light scattering (MALS; 8 detector DAWN-HELEOS II) and differential refractive index (dRI; Optilabs TrEX).
  • Reliable assessment of oligomeric state and composition of SEC-stable complexes.

Aviv 410 CD

by Aviv - circular dichroism instrument for measuring structure and stability.

  • UV and visible range (170 - 875 nm).
  • Secondary (α, β), tertiary and higher-order structure.
  • Cuvette format.
  • Thermal melting (to 95 °C).

CFX Connect DSF/Thermal Shift

by BioRad - RT-PCR for screening thermal stability.

  • Fluorescence detection (SYPROTM Orange extrinsic probe).
  • Ligand binding.
  • Optimisation of buffer conditions.
  • 96-well plate format.

SX19 Stopped-Flow

by Applied Photophysics - stopped-flow instrument for measurement of very fast kinetics.

  • Detection by UV absorbance (monochomator or photodiode array) or fluorescence (including polarimeter).
  • Double/sequential mixing.

Zetasizer Nano S DLS (Size-only model, no Zeta)

by Malvern - dynamic light scattering instrument for measuring hydrodynamic diameter.

  • 'Label-free'.
  • Cuvette format (≥ 40 μL).
  • Polydispersity.
  • Sensitive to low-level aggregates.
  • NB: no zeta-potential module.